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Pernilla is an established artist, grew up in Älmhult located in southern Sweden, and is now in our beautiful capital Stockholm.

She is known for her expressive art and creativity as an entrepreneur and has quickly become recognized as a newcomer in the art context.


Pernilla's art is innovative, detailed and innovative. The focus is on design.

The basic idea of Pernilla's art can be found in the ever answered the question about the meaning of life and provide a feeling of thoughtful activities in her works.


She focuses on the stress in today's society and want to give perspective on what matters in life, such as love, closeness and respect for all human beings.



Underb.Art by PernillaPramberg.


Underb.Art translated into wonderful from Swedish to English.

So, life is created and considered so be it.

Wonderf-Art is about life emotional aspects and expressions ..


Life is full of different emotions and stages and its

rollercoaster consists of both joy and sorrow.

Something Pernilla conveys well with her art .


The idea for the company name comes from feeling happy and wonderful from the inside of the soul.

- According to me it is something we all strive to achieve. The wonderful feeling of life, quite simply, says Pernilla..


- "Today, one can easily lose themselves, then their career in order to succeed at work takes up all the energy."

Her work is based on, and forms the basis for inner balance and harmony.


Pernilla Pramberg is a talented and expressive artist with a passion for color and shape.


sculpture, Mixing painting with sculptures to create the 3D effect is fun. Pernilla love all parts of the body and sees it as a

beautiful creation is not something you need to think about.

In Pennillas art one can also find beautiful

wall clocks of both women and men.


Pernilla Pramberg (* 1984 Almhult, Sweeden) lives and works in Stockholm.


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